Obtain Proxy Access to Billing, Aid, and Grades*

*Grades Access is currently in beta phase and planned as a future addition.

What’s a Proxy?


/ präksē /
the authority to represent someone else.
examples: “I’m here to pay on behalf of Mr. Pat Henry” || “They may register to vote by proxy”
synonyms: deputy, representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, attorney, go-between

Who is eligible to be a Proxy?

Proxy access may be granted by a current E&H student to anyone they trust with their college billing, financial aid award and scholarship information. Usually this is one or more of the following:

  • Parent(s)
  • Step-Parent(s)
  • Spouse
  • Relative(s)
  • Sponsor(s)
  • Legal Guardian(s)

Bear in mind this is confidential information about that belongs to a current E&H student, and should only be shared with those whom they trust and have a right or need to access this information. Ultimately, this decision rests with the student to grant or deny full or limited access from Proxies they determine.

How to gain Proxy Access

Your current E&H Student will need to grant you Proxy Access. Once granted, you’ll be able to view the Billing and Aid information that the student grants access to. Send your student to my.ehc.edu/proxy-setup for a quick and simple tutorial that shows them how to declare one or more proxies.

View & Share Proxy Directions for Students

How to Use Proxy

  1. As mentioned above, your student has to grant you Proxy Access, along with the necessary privileges to view Billing & Financial Aid informations. A quick and simple tutorial explaining how students setup/declare a proxy is available at my.ehc.edu/proxy-setup
  2. Once your student has granted Proxy access to you, follow the link in the Proxy Email Invite you receive to reset your password and get started. Note this is slightly tricky, as the picture below illustrates:

    Ellucian Higher Education Enterprise Software has a glaring User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) problem. You might call it a successful error. Proxy's first-time login are greeted with a red error message that says 'Login Failed: Please reset your password,' when it should be green and say 'Login Success: Please reset your password.' This would eliminate countless, unnecessary support calls.

    You’ll see an error message: The first time you login, the system gives an incorrect “Login Failed..." message. Please ignore as this is simply not accurate wording that we’re aware of, and are working with our enterprise partners to resolve. Sorry ’bout that.
    Simply Ignore the Error and Proceed With Resetting Your Password: What it should say is “Login Successful: Please change your password below, and be colored a friendly green color. But alas, it cannot be that simple. Simple ignore the error message and proceed with resetting your password on this page.

    An example of what a successful login page looks like.
  3. Once logged in, you’ll be greeted with a dialogue box showing both you—the proxy—and your student’s profile. Select your student’s account to view billing and aid information, which is stored in the student account and will not display in your proxy profile.

    Image showing the self-service proxy dialogue box showing viewable user profiles that include financial, billing, aid, scholarships, and additional information.
  4. Upon selecting your student’s profile, you’ll be able to view billing and aid information—but only what the student has granted access to. The example homepage below shows access to both Student Finance (Billing) and Financial Aid information.

    View student account information that they have granted you proxy access for.
  5. Account Summary gives you a quick overview of student expenses. If permission is granted to you by the student, you'll also be able to manage online bill payment and view the student's current account activity.

    View an account summary of college tuition expenses per semester.
  6. While Account Activity details payments received, balances due...

    Account Activity details payments received and any balance that may be due.
  7. The Financial Aid section details the student's E&H Financial Aid Award and accompanying letter, along with any required documents and actions that need to be taken to receive the award. Scholarship information is also available in this area.

    The Financial Aid section details the student‘s financial aid and scholarship awards.
  8. Login anytime/anywhere at my.ehc.edu/proxy

    Now that you’ve got your proxy access setup, you can login anytime at my.ehc.edu/proxy