File Your Student Athlete Forms at Use the following Log In credentials
  • Athlete ID: new
  • Password: new
  • Database: atsehu

How to file my student-athlete forms

What You’ll Need

You may need the following items to complete your online paperwork for participation in Emory & Henry College athletics:

  • Immunization record
  • Insurance card
  • Medications and supplements
  • Information regarding medical conditions (surgery, general abnormalities, etc)
  • Information for at least 2 emergency contacts

E&H Student-Athlete Requirements

Student-athletes are not allowed to participate in any team activities until all paperwork is complete. It is very important that you take this paperwork seriously. It is used by members of our medical staff to screen for possible illnesses and injuries and it serves as emergency medical information when a team travels. Thank you for your cooperation!

Directions for Filling Out Your Student-Athlete Forms

  1. Go to
    (no “www” in front we recommend using Chrome, FireFox or Safari)
  2. Use the following login creational in bold to get started:
    • Athlete ID: new
    • Password: new
    • Database: atsehu
  3. Once you have logged in, a form will appear with a tab labeled ‘general’. Complete this information and create your own I.D. and password on this page. You will use the I.D. and password you created if you need to log back into the system.
  4. Once you have saved this form, several other tabs will appear across the top: medical history, insurance, contacts, athlete forms and efiles
  5. Please complete as much information as you can under each tab I.D.(you do not need to complete anything under the “efiles” tab)
  6. When you get to the ‘athlete forms’ tab, you need to complete all forms in the drop-down menu
  7. Pre-participation
    (you must complete all fields, even the sections for females and males — just click no and put ‘none’ or ‘n/a’ in the box provided on the right for the section that does not correspond with your gender)
    • HIPPA
    • Assumption of risk and shared responsibility
    • Drug agent of record
    • ADHD medications
    • Supplements (this form must be completed even if you do not take any supplements)
    • Helmet warning
    • Athletic training room rules
    • Sickle cell education
    • Concussion education
    • NCAA videos
  8. Under the ‘athlete forms’ tab, once you select a form from the drop-down menu, click the &‘new’ button to the right of the drop-down menu and the form will appear
  9. Once you have saved a form, please wait for the ‘save complete’ box to appear and click ‘ok’ before moving on to the next form INSURANCE INFORMATION
  10. All athletes are automatically covered under the athletic insurance policy at no additional cost; however, it only covers injuries directly related to varsity athletics. The athletic insurance does not cover any injury that occurs during intramurals or club sports. The athletic insurance policy is secondary to your private insurance and the Accident & Illness Policy offered by the college
  11. If you do not have private insurance, or are an international student, you must purchase the Accident & Illness Policy offered by the college. Students who need health insurance can enroll online at or call (877) 220-1790.
  12. Your student account will automatically be billed for the Accident & Illness Policy. If you do not wish to purchase the Accident & Illness Policy, you must go online and waive the insurance policy. You MUST have your private insurance information to waive the college policy. You can waive the policy at