How to Declare a Proxy

What’s a Proxy?


/ präksē /
the authority to represent someone else.
examples: “I’m here to pay on behalf of Mr. Pat Henry” || “They may register to vote by proxy”
synonyms: deputy, representative, substitute, delegate, agent, surrogate, stand-in, attorney, go-between

Who should I declare as a Proxy?

Proxy access may be granted by a current E&H student to anyone they trust with their college billing, financial aid award and scholarship information. Usually this is one or more of the following:

  • Parent(s)
  • Step-Parent(s)
  • Spouse
  • Relative(s)
  • Sponsor(s)
  • Legal Guardian(s)

Bear in mind this is confidential information about you as an current E&H student, and should only be shared with those whom you trust and have a right or need to access this information. Ultimately, this decision rests with you.

Who can declare Proxies?

Only current E&H Students may declare one or more proxies the ability to access the student’s academic, billing, and aid information. A student has the ability to grant access to all information, or may choose to grant access only to certain information as needed.

How do I declare one or more Proxies?

  1. Login to Self-Service formerly known as WebAdvisor

  2. Select “View/Add Proxy Access” in the drop-down under your name in the top right corner.

  3. Add your proxy's information (including SSN). Select the level of access you wish to grant your proxy for both Financial Aid and Billing related information.

    Proxy Declaration Form:

    Mobile View

    Mobile view of the Proxy Declaration form

    Desktop View

    Desktop view of the Proxy Declaration form
  4. Click Submit, then Continue or Cancel to finalize your Proxy addition.
  5. Nice work! You're all done setting up a proxy. Set as many as you need.